The Chemistry of Love

Look around yourself.

Seasons change.

Days turns into nights.

The sun sets and rises.

And it is this rhythm that makes this universe so wonderful.

But what about love?

It hurts.

It cheers you up.

It swings like a pendulum.

And this is due it's  the ever changing nature.

There is nothing permanent about love.

It’s there today but who knows?

Tomorrow, it may be replaced by doubt or suspicion.

But what causes pain is not the changing colors of love.

What actually hurts is YOUR expectation that it should remain the same.

So, you want to change the very character of love that makes it so endearing.

Love without change would be a drab and dead affair.

It is change that makes it so subtle, so passionate and yet so powerful.

Remember, life keeps dancing between the opposites.

And so, love would keep vacillating between joy and pain.

What is needed is to understand this transitory dimension of love.

And accept it because in case you don’t, you move away from reality.

So, enjoy love in all it’s varied aspects.

It will charm you.

It will fascinate you.

But at the same time, it will break your heart. 

That’s the mystery of love and that’s it’s dilemma too.



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